Live Bee Removal & Relocation

To state that the bee removal business in Tampa is mundane would not “bee the truth”.  The fact is, many people don’t realize that many bee colonies make their homes on or within ours.  One of the problems with this is the honeycomb has, as you know, honey.  This honey will draw other insects into your home that you probably don’t want to share your living space with.  When the bees are on the hive they regulate the temperature, thus preventing melting of the hive in extreme Florida heat.  For this reason, it is very important that honey and honeycomb are  completely removed and cleaned up during a bee removal procedure.  Failure to follow through will lead to more problems.

In the featured image above, a colony of bees made a home underneath a mobile storage unit.  We were called out to remove the bees and had to first smoke the bees to make them less defensive.  Bees instinctively know to ingest honey upon first sign of smoke.  This way if the colony has to move due to fire, they will survive at a safer location with their honey.  Following the bees ingesting the honey, this made them less defensive and we were able to shake them from the honeycomb into a cardboard box for a live bee removal and relocation.  That’s right,

Live Bee Removal & Relocation in Tampa FL.
Live Bee Removal & Relocation in Tampa, FL.

although we are a licensed and insured pest control company, we did not have to exterminate the bees! Following the bee removal, the area had to be treated, totally removing the honeycomb and honey so that other insects would not take over.

We perform bee removal and relocation in all of Tampa Bay including Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota.

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