Live Bee Removal Benefits You

We make every attempt to perform live bee removal in the Tampa area when at all possible.  Why?  Because you need bees to survive!

Following a live bee removal from your home or business, we bring the bees back to our place and transfer them from the transport container into a beehive.  The hive has a wax foundation in which the bees build upon, ultimately creating the honeycomb. The honeycomb is built on “frames” inside the beehive box.   In the featured picture above you can see Raymond Mills, CEO of Florida Bee Removal, Inc., holding 2 frames.

Open beehive box showing the frames inside.
Open beehive box showing the frames inside.

At various times throughout the year, our local beekeepers will come by our place and pickup the beehives and transport them to different geographic locations depending on the pollination needs of nearby food crops.  Many food crops are entirely dependent on pollination from bees.  Without the bees, you would not enjoy many of the foods you do today.

For this reason, when you call for bee removal in Tampa Bay, one of the factors we evaluate is if we are able to safely and effectively save the bee colony by performing a live bee removal and relocation.  We perform live bee removal and relocation in all of Tampa Bay including Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and Brandon, and are licensed and insured for your protection

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