Is Your Tampa Bay Home Bee Proof?

Tampa Bay Bee Removal customers often ask how bees got in their home in the first place.  Bees, as you know, are small insects.  It doesn’t take but a small hole or crack for bees to enter and build a home of their own within your walls.

If you notice a lot of bee activity around the immediate vicinity of your home, try looking in the following locations:

  • Fireplace
  • Vents to the outside (dryer, bathroom, etc.)
  • Cracks and holes in the exterior wall
  • Pipes entering the house
  • Attic vent holes

If bees are entering your home through one of these locations, you will notice a dozen or so at a time coming and going.  Also try listening.  It is not uncommon to hear the bees on the hive if you are within close proximity.  Do not get too close, however, as bees will defend the hive.

Once you have identified bees having a hive in your home, you should contact Tampa Bay Bee Removal & Relocation for service.  We will not only remove the hive, but our treatment includes sealing off the area to prevent the return of the bees.

Bee hive removalWhile you are shopping for a bee removal company, ensure your prospective companies are not only licensed and insured, but also willing to remove the hive and seal off the area.  Failure could draw in other bees and insects.

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