Invasive Tree Helps Bees – St. Petersburg

The Brazilian pepper tree, also known as the Florida holly and Christmasberry tree, is found in the Tampa Bay area and near the waterways in St. Petersburg.  This species of tree originates from South America, is very fast growing and chokes out other native species. September through November the Brazilian pepper tree blooms, producing lots of nectar for bees.

Brazilian Pepper Flowers
Brazilian Pepper Flowers

There are so many of these trees in bloom throughout Tampa Bay that results in such a large honey flow that it is not uncommon for bee swarms to be seen and customers call us for bee removal in St. Petersburg and Bradenton.  Many times these swarms appear in places that cause an inconvenience.

So how does this invasive tree help our bees?  As you probably know, not too many plants bloom during the winter time.  With the Brazilian pepper tree blooming during the fall season, the honey produced by the bees will give them a food source through the winter.  The blooms can result in 50 pounds of honey for just 1 bee colony!

If you live in the Tampa Bay area and notice a bee swarm near your home or place of business during the fall season, the Brazilian pepper tree may have something to do with it.  Call Tampa Bay Bee Removal and Relocation for live bee removal services.

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