Huge Yellow Jacket Nest: Clearwater |Tampa Bay

A yellow jacket is a social wasp that builds a nest to house its colony.  The nest is typically initially constructed by the queen in the spring time.  A new nest is built every year.  Yellow jackets are very protective of there nests and will often sting if someone gets too close to the nest.  Tampa Bay Bee Removal not only removes bees, but other stinging insects as well.

Tampa Bay Bee Removal performs live bee removal, however the wasps species such as yellow jackets, must be exterminated.  Without the experience of a professional, yellow jacket removal from your property can be deadly.  It is not uncommon for a mature yellow jacket colony to have several thousand members.  Unlike the honey bee, the yellow jacket can sting multiple times.

At Tampa Bay Bee Removal, we not only offer bee and stinging insect removal, but we also remove the nest.  This prevents return of the insects and will prevent other critters looking for food in the abandoned nest from also making a home there. Tampa Bay Bee Removal is licensed and insured not only for residential stinging insect removal, but commercial as well.

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