Help Save the Bees!

You need bees to survive!  Did you know that 70 out of the top 100 food crops are pollinated by bees?   If your residential or commercial property receives a visit from these tiny creatures, you can do your part by calling a licensed and insured professional that will perform a live bee removal.

Live Bee Removal
Live Bee Removal

Sometimes there is no avoiding exterminating the bees with chemicals, as every situation is different.  With us, this is always a last resort. Live bee removal takes more time than simply using chemicals and killing them, however we recognize the decline in the bee population and how important they are.

There are other things you can do to protect the bees:

  1.  1.  Plant nectar-rich plants such as wildflowers.
  2.  2.  Be aware of harmful pesticides and their affect.
  3.  3.  Support a local beekeeper.

So if bees are responsible for one in three bites of food you eat, why would you not want to protect them?



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