Does your home have a buzz?

A lot of our calls for bee removal services in the Tampa Bay area is for bee removal from our customers home.  Due to the blooming Brazilian Pepper this time of year, it is not uncommon for bee colonies to split and swarm.  The swarm is looking for a new place to call home which may also be your home.  This usually spells trouble!

Bees will usually find a small hole in your structure to use as a point of access.  Using this access, they will build their home.

Bees Inside a Wall
Bees Inside a Wall

You may notice the increased presence of bees commuting back and forth from their new home, or you may hear the buzzing when you pass by a particular wall.  You must not ignore this and take quick action, as failure to do so will only make the problem worse.

Tampa Bay Bee Removal & Relocation will not only remove the bees from your wall.  As part of our services we also make general repairs to the areas affected that we have used to gain access to the bees.  These repairs are also necessary to seal off the area and keep the bees from returning.

Repairing a Wall

In your selection for a bee removal company, use a reputable company that will not simply spray the bees and run.  Proper clean up and sealing off the area is important to ensure the bees do not return.  Tampa Bay Bee Removal services the entire Bay area from Tampa to Sarasota.


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