Do Not Face Yellow Jackets Alone

Yellow Jacket nests are not uncommon in the Tampa Bay area.  Because of this, many Tampa homeowners fall victim trying to remove yellow jackets from their Tampa property alone.  Yellow Jackets are very aggressive and will sting in masses.  Not to mention, Yellow Jackets, unlike honey bees, will sting repeatedly.

Most homeowners do not have the proper safety equipment to protect themselves from the Yellow jacket sting so they are leaving themselves vulnerable to pain for no reason.  Long distance spraying aerosol cans containing insecticide are not enough for a typical Yellow Jacket nest. If these cans are used to control a nest inside the walls of your home, that could be a big mistake.

If the “door to the nest” has been sprayed, the Yellow Jacket will look for an alternative way out.  This will likely lead to the Yellow Jacket’s spreading out more within the walls of your home and possible coming out in your living space!  Tampa Bay Bee Removal & Relocation is licensed and insured to safely and effectively handle your Yellow Jacket problems.

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