Bees Swarm an Airport!

Tampa Bay Bee Removal & Relocation is on call 365 days a year and 24 hours a day for bee removal.  Why?  Because some of our customers simply can’t wait for bee removal service. Bees on a Ladder

Recently, a bee swarm landed on a ladder at an airport in the Tampa Bay area.  Neither employees nor customers were in any danger from the bees.  We deal with this type of situation hundreds per time a year.

A bee swarm looks intimidating.  Bee swarms are generally not aggressive, as the bees are looking for a new home, so there is nothing to defend.  This, by no means indicates the bees will not sting of provoked.  If you notice a swarm on your property, you are encouraged to call a professional bee removal service.

Tampa Bay Bee Removal & Relocation always attempts live bee removal before exterminating these beneficial creatures we depend on to survive.

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