Bees Set the Temperature

It is vital for bees to be able to control the temperature in the hive.  Their young depend on it to survive.  A temperature of 95 degrees has to be maintained inside the hive for the young to develop. So how do they do this?

When its cold outside, the bees warm the hive by clustering together and vibrating their wing muscles to raise the temperature.  It’s important to note that the wings do not move during this process.  The wings are actually decoupled from these muscles!  This action warms the bees body by 10 degrees more than what it would normally be.

In warm weather, the bees use different methods to cool the hive down.  The first and common sense approach is to spread out and increase the distance between one another.  This will allow for more air circulation.  Another way involves bringing in water to the nest.  After finding sources of water and bringing it back, they fan their wings across the water droplets.  This evaporating water will cool the bee hive.

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