Bees Kept Homeowner from Bug Spray!

A Tampa Bay area homeowner recently called for bee removal service.  Ironically, the bees were standing in between him and the bug spray!

Bee Swarm in a storage box
Bees in a storage box

We strongly encourage you to not spray household insecticides at a bee hive or swarm.  The chances of you walking away untouched are slim when you are dealing with that many bees.  Africanized bees just add to your problem if you attempt this.  Africanized bees will get agitated more quickly and defend the hive to the end.

A professional bee removal company will not only remove the bees from your property, but many times we can perform live bee removal which saves the bees.  Bee removal is only the first step, performing measures to prevent the bees from returning is another important step.

Our family has over 50 years experience in bee removal and is licensed and insured for YOUR protection.  Give us a call today!

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