Bees Invade a Pillar: Tampa Bay

It only takes a small hole for a bee to get inside and make a home.  That’s what a Tampa area homeowner found out when they stepped outside and then called Tampa Bay Bee Removal.

Bees Inside a Pillar
Bee Removal from a Pillar – Tampa FL

Unfortunately most of our jobs are not at ground level, thus resulting in us performing bee removal from ladders.  In the situation with the pillar, the bees had made a home at the top of the pillar.

It is not recommended for those who have not been trained to attempt bee removal.  Knowledge of bees and their behavior is paramount for a successful bee removal.  Nothing could be more tragic than standing on a ladder and being attacked by angry bees defending their hive.

A successful bee removal is not only having the bees removed, but not having them return to the same location.  Should the hive not be completely removed and the area sealed off, re-infestation of bees is likely.

Should you need the services of a bee removal company, insist to see their credentials.  If they are using pesticides, they should be licensed through the State of Florida.  In any case they should have proof of insurance.  This protects you should they get injured while on your property.

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