Bees Inside a Wall

Bee removal calls for the Tampa Bay area are on the rise.  Bee swarms have been seen on residential and commercial properties resulting in citizens concerned for their safety.  Within the last week, this bee hive was successfully removed from a wall.  The bees were not hurt during this process. Bee removal from a wall

Our customer saved the bees by calling a professional bee removal service – Tampa Bay Bee Removal & Relocation of course!  We were able to perform a live bee removal from the wall, remove the hive, and seal the wall preventing the bees from returning.  A typical pest control company would simply exterminate the bees and walk away.

We need bees to live so that we can eat many of the foods we enjoy!  Once removed from your property, the bees are relocated to a safe rural area away from your home so they can again be with nature.

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