Bee Swarm on a Garage Door | Clearwater

This time of year it would not be uncommon for you to see a bee swarm like this on your property in the Tampa Bay area.  Calls for bee removal service increase in part due to these swarms that result from a bee colony splitting.  Generally speaking , they are not aggressive at this point in time, as they have no beehive to defend.

The Tampa Bay area, which includes Tampa, Clearwater, and St Petersburg, has an abundance of Brazilian pepper trees.  These trees are not native to the Tampa Bay area and are considered invasive.  They have an abundance of blooms this time of year and the bees love it!  That would explain why you have a greater likelihood of seeing a swarm on your property.

Please call us when you see a swarm, as we will remove it for your families safety.  Although we are a licensed and insured pest control company, when it comes to bees we prefer live bee removal and relocation.  Why?  Because we need bees to survive!

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