Bee Removal from Storage Container

We recently performed a live bee removal from the Port of Tampa.  Bees had build a home underneath a shipping container and had to be removed for the safety of the employees.  This type of bee removal is very common.

To perform the live bee removal, the container had to be lifted so that we could access underneath it.  These bees were “friendly” and not aggressive toward us, so it made a live removal that much more possible.  We applied smoke to calm the bees even more and removed one honeycomb at a time and gently shook the bees into a box.

Bees Under a Storage Container
Live bee removal from a storage container in Tampa Bay.

The bees were then transferred from a box to a container more suitable for the drive to our farm where a bee hive box was waiting.  In addition to removing the bees, we brought their honey along with us so the bees could use it at their new home.  The bees and honeycomb you see in the picture totaled out to be 100 pounds!

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