Bees are Buzzing in an Electrical Box

Some of our commercial customers that are in need of prompt bee removal in the Tampa Bay area are power companies.  It is not uncommon for honeybees to build a home in electrical pedestals.  Inside these boxes it is dark and moist…perfect conditions for making honey!  Unfortunately it is not safe for the power company workers who attempt to service equipment and find this surprise.

Up close image of bees inside a pedestal.
Bee removal from an electrical pedestal in Tampa Bay.

Recently a Tampa Bay power company called us to remove the bees and hive pictured here from an electrical pedestal.  This was a “routine bee removal” as no special equipment was necessary, thus keeping the removal quick and easy. When a bee removal is this easy, there is really no excuse not to perform a live bee removal instead of exterminating the bees.  In cases like this, the bees can be smoked and then safely transferred to a container that we can transport the bees in.  The bees are then relocated to a rural area and set free so they can pollinate.

For those that wonder how important pollination is:  Did you know that some food crops depend entirely on honeybees for pollination (source: American Beekeeping Federation)?  Without this pollination you would not get to enjoy some of the foods that you do such as almonds, apples, broccoli, and melons to name a few.

If you have a bee swarm or hive on your property in the Tampa Bay area please call us at 727-359-4963 with any questions or bee removal concerns.  We perform live bee removal and relocation in all of Tampa Bay including Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota and are licensed and insured for your protection

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