Barbecue Honey?

This barbecue grill in Tampa Bay was buzzing when a colony of bees made a home underneath it.  By calling Tampa Bay Bee Removal, the homeowner not only saved the bees, but potentially saved themselves from harm.

When bees build a nest they are more likely to defend it, as they are defending not only their young, but their food.  It wouldn’t take too much agitation for the bees to pursue the potential threat to the nest.  Fortunately, this type of setup makes it easy to also save the bees.

Live bee removal is our first option when performing bee removal for our customers in Tampa Bay.  It may take our technician a little longer, however the pros definitely outweigh the cons.  If you see a site similar to this on your Tampa property, please take a moment and call us.

We have been serving the Tampa Bay area for over 50 years.  Most times we can assess your situation over the phone and provide you a free estimate on the spot.  With us you will never speak to an answering service or corporate staff, rather a member of our family.

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