Bald-Faced Hornet Removal

Many times customers incorrectly identify the bald-faced hornet nest as a beehive on their property.

Bald-faced hornet nest
Hornet removal in Valrico, FL.

The bald faced hornet is part of the yellow jacket family and typically builds aerial nests in trees during the spring season.  The texture of the nest is that of paper and inside there can be as many as 700 hornets.

Use extreme caution around a hornet nest, as these insects will aggressively defend their nest against possible intruders.  The bald-faced hornet has a smooth stinger allowing it to sting a subject multiple times without causing harm to itself.  It is not uncommon for hornets to attack an intruder in large numbers, thus increasing the chance for an allergic reaction.

The nest pictured in the photos was from a hornet removal in the Tampa Bay area.  Bald-faced hornets had built a nest in a tree on a property. Fearing personal safety, the property owner reached out to us to perform hornet removal services.

Hornet Nest in TreeWe had to ladder the tree and exterminate the nest.  Bald-faced hornets must be exterminated.  Bees on the other hand may be removed alive and relocated.  Rather than trashing the hornet nest, we love keeping them for decoration!

Call Tampa Bay Bee Removal for all your stinging needs!

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