Tampa Bay Bee Removal & Relocation services the Tampa, FL area and specializes in live bee removal and relocation. Not only do we perform bee removal services, we also eradicate wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. Call 727-359-4963

Bee Removal Tampa FL

Bee Removal Tampa- Tampa Bay Bee Removal & Relocation has been performing bee removal in Tampa, FL for over 50 years.  We perform bee removal services in Tampa for residential and commercial properties.  We are licensed and insured to remove other stinging insects such as yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets.  Call us for bee removal in Tampa FL.  We remove bees from your Tampa home, commercial properties, vehicles, barbecue grills, storage boxes and anywhere else you can think of!

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Refer a FriendRefer a friend to us for bee removal Tampa and be rewarded! We know there is no better advertisement for bee removal word of our satisfied, long-term customers whom we have developed a relationship with. We are a family-owned business where our customers are not a number!

Live Bee Removal & Relocation in Tampa FL.
Bee Removal Tampa FL

Bees are very important for all of us to survive.  Although we are licensed to exterminate bees, we make every attempt to perform live bee removal and relocate the bees from your premises to a location away from your urban Tampa environment.  The photo of the bees on the yellow box was taken during a relocation from a live bee removal in Tampa, Fl.  The bees were not harmed during the bee removal and were taken to a rural area away from the urban Tampa neighborhood.

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Our customers usually call us when they see a bee swarm on their property.  Your safest bet is to back away and call us to remove any potential danger to you, your family and pets.  There are different species of bees that have varying tolerances to potential threats to their homes.

Bee swarm that just landed.
Bee swarm that just landed.   Bee removal Tampa.

Our bee removal services include, but our not limited to:

We offer bee removal in Tampa, ClearwaterSt. PetersburgSarasota, Bradenton, & Brandon.

Removal of the hive following a bee removal is very important.  If the hive is not removed, during extreme heat it can actually melt.  This will most likely cause other insect issues, as they will be looking to feed on the melted hive.  Following the Tampa bee removal and hive cleanout, the area must be properly sealed off and any penetration point for bees eliminated.  Our technicians carry basic carpentry tools and equipment needed to do this.  While we are onsite performing your bee removal Tampa, we will be happy to look over the exterior of your structure and identify other possible points of entry for bees.

Why Choose Tampa Bay Bee Removal?

  • Experience – Over 50 years experience in bee removal Tampa
  • Availability – We offer 24/7 bee removal service in Tampa
  • Certified – We are Certified Pest Control Operator

Live Bee Removal Don’t need bee removal in Tampa, but like to read stories and see pictures?  Check out our blog page dedicated to our bee removal adventures.  We also try to post facts about these wonderful creatures that we need to survive!

Bee Removal Tampa is a dangerous task when you don’t know what you are doing.  Allergic reactions to bee stings is a real thing and people die from it each year.  Tampa Bay Bee Removal highly encourages you to give us a call for your bee removal needs.  This will likely not only save you from danger, but also save the bees!  Our bee removal services are not limited to using insecticides.  Live bee removal is just as effective and doesn’t harm the bees in any way.  The end result will still leave your home or place of business free of bees and the bees will be relocated to a rural area so that they may continue to live and pollinate.

Before attempting bee removal yourself, please educate yourself with the dangers of Africanized bees.  This bee species is not to be taken lightly, as they will defend the hive to the end and have a higher level of aggressiveness compared to our native bee species.  Africanized bees typically only attack when humans get too close to a nesting colony.  If you are subject to this attack, you should never stay in place and swat at the bees.

When bees are stinging you, it is because you are too close to their home.  You should cover your airway passages and run away from the area.  When seeking a safe haven from the bees, every effort should be made to find an enclosed location.  Once at a safe haven, call a professional bee removal service.  A professional bee removal company has the proper protective clothing, experience, and is licensed and insured.  Most important, a professional bee removal company will attempt live bee removal at all cost in lieu of exterminating the bees.

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