Tampa Bay Bee Removal & Relocation services the Tampa, FL area and specializes in live bee removal and relocation. Not only do we perform bee removal services, we also eradicate wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. Call 727-359-4963

Bee and Wasp Removal Tampa FL

Tampa Bay Bee Removal & Relocation has been performing bee removal in Tampa, FL for over 50 years.  We perform bee removal services in Tampa for residential and commercial properties.  We are licensed and insured to remove other stinging insects such as yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets.  Call us for all your stinging needs in Tampa FL!

Bee Removal | Yellow Jacket Removal | Wasp Removal | Hornet Removal

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Live Bee Removal & Relocation in Tampa FL.
Bee Removal Tampa FL

Bees are very important for all of us to survive, therefore even though we are licensed to exterminate them, we make every attempt to relocate the bees from your premises to a location away from your urban Tampa environment.  The photo of the bees on the yellow box was taken during a relocation from a live bee removal in Tampa, Fl.  The bees were not harmed during the removal and were taken to a rural area away from the urban Tampa neighborhood.

Our customers usually call us when they see a bee swarm on their property.  Your safest bet is to back away and call us to remove any potential danger to you, your family and pets.

Bee swarm that just landed.
Bee swarm that just landed

Our services include, but our not limited to:

  • Bee Removal
  • Bee Hive and Honey Removal
  • Yellow Jacket Removal
  • Hornet Removal
  • Wasp Removal

We offer bee removal in Tampa, Clearwater & St. Petersburg.

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